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Colour Analysis

Using your natural and unique colouring characteristics we establish what suits you best, making you feel comfortable and confident.

How It Works

Initial Consultation

First we discuss your needs and lifestyle to ensure the consultation is personal to you. Then we look at your colouring characteristics – hair colour / eye colour / skin tone. Using coloured drapes, we establish what compliments your characteristics.

Your Colour Palette

We choose swatches of primary and secondary colours in your range. Then we establish which season of colours will have the most impact for you personally. Next we match your best neutral colours (for staple items such as suits and winter coats). I also recommend which make-up and hair colours will compliment you best.



You will be provided with a portable, handbag-friendly pocket colour swatch you can refer to whilst shopping.


Colour Rating

We highlight colours in your swatches that are particularly complimentary. This information will be invaluable when you rebuild your wardrobe.



2hr consultation


wilma colour-48 (1).JPG
wilma colour-68 (1).JPG

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