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Personal Shopping - London & Brighton

Do you dread shopping? Do you limit your casual clothes to just a few colours and always wear the same styles? Feel like you’re guessing what suits you best?

Based on your natural colouring, body shape and personality, I will provide you with simple guidelines to make fast, stylish choices for your social and professional life.


With my extra support you’ll gain an understanding of how to shop just for you, confidently filling the gaps in your wardrobe and making the most of your favourite items. With a new capsule wardrobe based on quality not quantity, you can mix and match even more outfits than before.

How it works

Initial Consultation

We start with an informal chat to review your requirements and undertake a brief lifestyle, natural colouring and body shape analysis before hitting the shops. This can be over the phone beforehand or on the day we meet over a coffee.


Unless we are just shopping for a special occasion, I highly recommend having a Colour AnalysisStyle Consultation and Wardrobe Edit & Organisation session with me first to get a good idea of what’s missing in your wardrobe.


Shop Together

According to your budget and schedule we’ll plan a fun shopping trip to your old favourites plus stores you’ve not tried before. We can roam the high street, drop into department stores or visit designer outlets. This can take place locally and further afield. We can look for an outfit to make the perfect impression at a special occasion - like weddings or big events; find you a new work wardrobe; choose clothes to fit you better if your weight has changed or simply update your look. Discover new styles and accessories you may have previously overlooked and learn what to put together for maximum impact, helping you enhance your individual style. We’ll identify brands and stores that best suit your body shape and budget whilst learning how to pick out quality craftsmanship and spot poor work.


Pre Planned Shopping Trip

First we establish your requirements including budget and wish list over the phone. If we haven’t met before, we will also discuss your personal style, natural colouring and body shape.


Hands-free Shopping

Too busy to shop? Save time and hassle by having me shop for you. With a prior face to face consultation, I’ll get a sense of your personal style - what you like and dislike, what suits you and what colours complement you. I’ll combine this insight with my knowledge of what’s in the shops and hand pick items for you.



Full day (10am - 6pm)


Half day (4hours)


*You can choose half day or full day option in the cart.


Need to know more? Get in touch to find out how we can help you

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