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Don't take our word for it, find out what the experience was like for some of our past customers

A friend recommended that I meet Wilma, “she’ll sort you out” she said. So I met Wilma for a coffee and we talked about styles, brands I liked and where I felt my wardrobe needed updating. Wilma put me immediately at ease. Her experience and straight talking helped me to clear out old clothes I never wore. It was quite a liberating experience! We then went shopping… a totally effortless experience. By the end of our first trip I had three pairs of trousers, five shirts, two jumpers, a pair of shoes, a jacket and a great new coat. I feel great in of them, and they complimented each other and my other clothes. So much easier having an opinion you can trust.
Stuart, Hove
It's not unlike a gentle therapy session!
Since having the pleasure of a colour analysis session with Wilma I've been equipped with knowledge to choose and coordinate outfits that fill me with confidence and a positive outlook towards creative selfexpression. Once I learned about the palate of colours which are most complimentary to me I've been able to refresh my wardrobe and work on evolving my personal style. This exercise has resulted in many compliments from colleagues and friends. Most notably that I'm looking well or that a colour I'm wearing is absolutely perfect for me. These acknowledgements have been forthcoming because I've gained a foundation of knowledge and self-belief in my external presentation as a result of working with Wilma. I thank her so much and recommend the consultation to anyone with openness to feeling like an even greater version of yourself.
Maya Hart, Marketing Director, London
We cannot thank you enough and our wedding would not have been the same without your help. We were both so happy and we felt the clothes we wore represented exactly what we wanted. It is totally amazing that you understood both of us so well and managed to find us outfits in such a short space of time! You were warm and professional and you made what was quite a stressful time so much easier for us. You made such a huge impact on our whole experience and we really can't thank you enough.
Jess & Pedram’s Wedding in Gibraltar
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