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Too many clothes but nothing to wear

How many times have you opened your wardrobe and felt a pang of disappointment? That age old conundrum: plenty of clothes but nothing to wear? Maybe it’s time for a wardrobe edit.

What is a wardrobe edit?

Far more than just a tidy up (which will also help, but to a lesser extent), a full wardrobe edit is a detailed analysis of every item of clothing you own. Think of it as weeding out your wardrobe. Reinvigorate, re-style, tailor or discard all the clothes you own, so you wake up every day excited to get dressed. It’s important to know that your wardrobe contains clothes you love wearing, that suit you and make you feel good. A thorough wardrobe edit will leave you with easy, stylish outfits that you love.

Colour, cut and fabrics that suit you

Employing an expert with a fresh perspective is a must for a wardrobe edit. Once you have determined between you what colours, cut, fabrics and styles suit you, the editing can begin.


It’s incredible how an old item of clothing can be brought back to life when paired with something new or different. A good wardrobe stylist will spot instantly what combinations go together to form outfits. Re-style with confidence and you save money, waste and energy with all the feel-good factor of a successful shopping trip.

Tailoring: from frumpy to fabulous

Love the piece but can’t get it to sit right? Sometimes a touch of tailoring can be the difference between frumpy and fabulous. Take a hem up, add a pleat, move a zip or button… the opportunities are endless to refresh almost-loved items, and your wardrobe editing guru will be able to advise on what needs tweaking.

Recycle or donate

There are many, many ways to recycle or donate unwanted clothes, and once you have stripped out any unflattering pieces from your wardrobe you’ll be left with peace of mind that getting dressed for any occasion will now be simple and fun. Ask about sites and shops that specialise in re-selling well maintained second-hand designer clothing, apps for reselling high street clothes and which charities need clothing donations, to save waste while you streamline your clothes.

Fill the gaps

Once you’re confident with what you do have, it’s time to fill the gaps. With advice on what to buy to complete outfits in your cupboard, as well as where to go to find the best quality and cut for you, a little homework here will go a long way. Happy shopping!

How often should I do a wardrobe edit?

The first time will bring the biggest change, but it’s a good idea to get into the habit of analysing your wardrobe twice a year, or, preferably, seasonally. This means you are always ahead of the game come rain or shine, making getting dressed in the morning a breeze. Keeping this up will make you feel more confident and efficient as well as saving you time and money. What have you got to lose?

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