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What exactly does a Fashion Stylist do?

To some people, the label ‘Fashion Stylist’ can sound like something only the rich and famous can afford to do. Trust me, it is not.

What if I tell you that investing in a Personal Trend and Fashion Stylist can be as beneficial as having a life coach? The confidence and empowerment you gain from these sessions are priceless as they will last a lifetime. In reality, hiring a fashion stylist is life changing, boosting your confidence & happiness for the long term. What’s more, they will help reduce waste produced by fast fashion by helping you choose quality over quantity. Garments you buy with a fashion stylist will be wearable for longer and fit together in a uniquely tailored capsule wardrobe, saving you time and worry every day.

Confidence and empowerment

Just as you might hire a life coach, working with a fashion stylist, also known as a style coach, will help you improve your day-to-day way of living. Discovering confidence through dressing will leave you with plenty more time for other important parts of your life without having to think of what to wear for different occasions.

It is scientifically proven that wearing the right colour close to your face will flatter your complexion. Even just one session with a style coach can be transformative for the long term. Learning what colours really flatter you can make you look fresher, healthier and bring out the best in you, making you feel more positive. Knowing which pattern, fabric, size and cut of clothing suit you best will also empower you, enhancing your body shape. Who doesn’t want to bring back that excitement about getting dressed each morning?

What to look for in a fashion stylist

A good style coach will pay attention to your lifestyle and personality, as well as your personal style preferences. They will ask you many questions about your likes and preferences, needs, aspirations, goals and how you think you want to dress to be your best self. This helps you bring out your authentic self through how you appear. A high-powered executive needs a different outfit on a Monday morning to a musician or a stay-at-home Mum or Dad. But everyone wants to feel great and appear effortlessly stylish.

Style coaching will also save you an enormous amount of time and, by encouraging you to buy fewer, better quality garments, will naturally bring about a more environmentally conscious way of shopping. If your clothes last longer, you will shop less, making you more efficient and eco friendly at the same time. Armed with knowledge about what works for your body and lifestyle, you will become your own personal shopper and dresser. No more wasted time sifting through shops and trying on items that don’t flatter you, no more wasting items which don’t suit or are the wrong colour. After working with a style coach you will not only be empowered to make the most of what clothes you already own, but you will also know exactly what to look for in the future.

To eliminate image worries from your life get in touch about my Style Analysis, Wardrobe Consultations and Colour Analysis to learn how to dress for the real you while keeping the planet in mind, for the long term.


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